We're a little different, but that's what makes us perfect for you.
Let us show you how.


We aren't your typical investor trying to build a portfolio or looking to roll your company up into a much larger corporation. We're led by a young guy with a wife and three small children backed by a phenomenal team of investors looking to purchase a well run business in an area that is great for raising a family.

The advantage to selling to us is we plan to preserve the legacy of the company, keep the name, keep the people, keep the processes in place. We're hoping to find an owner/operator that has built a great company, and is now looking to pass off the baton to someone who will keep what is already great, and continue to build.
Charlson is seeking an acquisition opportunity that meets most of the criteria below:
  • EBITDA greater than $2 million
  • Steady revenues (i.e. contractually recurring or non seasonal/cyclical)
  • Low capital intensity
  • Service based
  • Larger, growing market
  • Low exogenous risk
  • Clearly recognizable primary customer value dimension
  • Broad customer base
  • Multiple internal growth options


Our managing partner created Charlson so that he could identify, acquire, and operate well run business for the remainder of his career, likely the next few decades. He and the investors backing him understand this is a long term commitment that will allow him to raise his family in a setting that provides security, yet growth. If you sell your business to us, you know it's going to be taken care of for the long haul.


Our investors are entreprenuers and long term family owned funds. As such, they aren't under pressure to make a quick buck. They seek to maximize returns over the life of an investment, not an arbitrary time span.

They have placed a tremendous amount of trust and belief in the ability of our founder and manger to successfully identify and operate a business as great as yours.


Are you looking to retire the moment that you sell? Are you looking to stay on in a less demanding capacity? When you sell to us, we work wtih you to figure out an arrangement that meets your needs.