You may be wondering who we are.
Here's a bit of background.
About Us
Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, Charlson Capital Partners is a private investment partnership founded in 2015 to identify, acquire, and direct the operation of a single private company where continued growth and profitability is clearly discernible and our expertise and relationships can assist in creating value over the long-term.

Unlike most private investment groups, Charlson Capital Partners, Inc. was not started by a wealthy individual looking for investment opportunities. This organization was started by an entrepreneur, Bretton Wall.

Prior to graduate school, Bretton was running a company in Mississippi. Upon realization that his business was no longer scaleable, he hired a successor and reentered the corporate world. It was during this time that he decided to attend graduate school. 

Throughout his corporate experience and graduate education, Bretton longed to again take up the role of operating a company. He soon decided that the quickest path to his desires would be through an acquisition. He then began assembling a team of investors and after pitching dozens of institutions and individuals, Bretton had enough investment offers to select an ideal set of advisors and financiers that now make up Charlson Capital Partners. 
Charlson is unique from traditional buyers and investors because it is led by an entreprenuer who seeks to once again operate a business. Bretton is not looking to do a roll up and not looking to acquire and flip. Bretton is seeking a healthy company that has an owner/operator who is looking to transition, and who wants to preserve their legacy by selling to a buyer that is not just looking to make an investment, but rather a career. 
Charlson's proposition not only allows for the owner to preserve the name and history of the company, but also the people as Bretton doesn't intend to downsize or consolidate business functions, but rather plans to spend the rest of his career working to build the company.

Equipped with both a passionate manager, as well as the wealth of experience and wisdom from an accomplished team of investors, Charlson Capital Partners now seeks the best business to own and operate.